"Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you're gonna get"

Forrest Gump

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This quote is so true, especially when you are going on a journey alone, thousands kilometres away from home, to a country about which you have only read a few sentences in Google...

You are full of doubts, concerns or even fear. You are worried that your dream studies will begin with an unpleasant surprise in the dorm.

Your enthusiasm immediately disappears when it turns out that your future roommate throws noisy parties in your room every night, likes to cook at 2 o'clock at night or comes with a new partner every night.

I have to worry you - dirt, insects, annoying roommates, noise, lack of electricity and hot water are only few suprises you can get in the dorms or uncertain flats!

As you are visiting our website, I bet you are a person who needs to be sure that he/she comes to a proven, clean and safe place, being familiar with the terms of the agreement and the conditions he/she is going to live in!

If I'm right, this site is for you! We know how stressful a move to another country may be for a young person, therefore we treat every student individually, making sure that he/she feels comfortable and safe at a new place.

Meet our team – Ola and Weronika, two girls that will help you to take your first steps in Warsaw and will make your stay here one of the greatest adventures of your life!

What does it mean?
We can start our cooperation within two minutes! The only thing you have to do is to complete a FORM, providing your preferences concerning an apartment you would like to live in during your studies in Warsaw. Having this information, we will be able to find a perfect place for you.

When you complete the form, we will contact you as soon as possible :)

Please read our Terms of Service and find out how we can help you! If you have any doubts – contact us – we are waiting for your questions. If you have already used our services and they met your expectations, please visit our and give us your thumb up or leave your comment – you will show that you appreciate our work. We will also be very happy if you recommend our site to your friends :)


Terms of Service


  1. In order to learn your needs and preferences, we must receive a completed FORM from you. The receipt of the survey is a sign that you accept and agree to obey these Terms of Service.

  2. Having received your survey, we will contact you immediately in order to set additional details.

  3. Once we find premises that meet your needs, we contact the owne (Note: we do not cooperate with real estate agencies) and negotiate the best terms for you.

  4. We send you a photo of selected premises and a rental agreement in English, so that you could become familiar with the charges and conditions offered by the owner.

  5. If you do not like the offered rental conditions or the apartment, we will go back to work and keep searching :)

  6. Once you accept the terms of the agreement, we will ask you to pay a deposit of 30€ through PayPal or to the following bank account: Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.A. nr: 02 1240 2063 1111 0000 0202 1759, entering you data: "first name, last name, address" in transfer description. Accepting the agreement, you are giving your consent to the processing of your personal data for the purposes of the performance of the apartment rental agency agreement.

  7. Your payment will be a sign that we should intensify our work, confirm the reservation of the apartment with the owner and wait for your arrival!

  8. You may, of course, discontinue the cooperation with us. If you do it 14 days before the date of your arrival in Warsaw at the latest, we will return the whole deposit to the bank account that you will provide.

  9. At your request, we can arrange the transport from the airport or the railway station. We can also make sure that hot supper and basic products for another meal will be waiting for you at the apartment.

  10. When we meet at your new home, the last thing to do will be to complete formalities:
    • you will pay the owner the rent for the first month and a deposit at the amount specified in the agreement that you will have received by e-mail
    • you will pay us the amount that we will have agreed by e-mail – only after the completion of the entire service and the receipt of an invoice

  11. We do not offer a fixed price for our support. We treat every student individually, therefore we agree on the amount to be paid during our conversation. Yet, we can guarantee - that the amount will be lower than the prices offered by real estate agencies.

    SEE YOU :)



Our team consists of:


  503 527 213

18-year-old student from Warsaw.

I've always been very interested in other cultures and I've always dreamed of living in the multicultural city, where exploring never ends. You can help us, the Poles make our capital more outstanding and fascinating :)

I can be your best guide, because I exactly know what the young need. You can ask me everything, either which type of accommodation is the best or which club is trendy now. As a wannabe exchange student, I know what you're worry about and that's why I am here to help you !


  501 701 939

I cooperated with students from all over the world for more than 12 years. I supported them during their first days in a foreign country. I know your needs and fears very well – I met a lot of lost and confused newcomers. I can imagine your and your parents' feelings when you leave your family home for so long for the first time. But we can change this together – trust us, this day can be really special. It may be a moment that you will remember for the rest of your life!

Privately I am a mum of two girls as well as a hiking and Mustang GT500 enthusiast.

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